Dr Simon Caton

Lecturer/Assistant Professor

 email: simon.caton@ucd.ie
 Phone: +353 1 7162665
 Room: B2.13
 Computer Science Building
 Dublin 4

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Selected Publications

  1. Caton, S., Venugopal, S., Velamuri, V.S. and Katrinis, K., 2018, July. Dynamic Model Evaluation to Accelerate Distributed Machine Learning. In 2018 IEEE International Congress on Big Data (BigData Congress) (pp. 150-157). IEEE. [link]
  2. Hall, M., Mazarakis, A., Chorley, M. and Caton, S., 2018. Editorial of the Special Issue on Following User Pathways: Key Contributions and Future Directions in Cross-Platform Social Media Research. [link]
  3. McNally, S., Roche, J. and Caton, S., 2018, March. Predicting the price of Bitcoin using Machine Learning. In Parallel, Distributed and Network-based Processing (PDP), 2018 26th Euromicro International Conference on (pp. 339-343). IEEE. [link]
  4. Hall, M. and Caton, S., 2017. Am I who I say I am? Unobtrusive self-representation and personality recognition on Facebook. PloS one12(9), p.e0184417. [link]
  5. Caton, S., Hall, M. and Weinhardt, C., 2015. How do politicians use Facebook? An applied social observatory. Big Data & Society2(2). [link]

Full list available on Google Scholar [here] or ORCID iD iconorcid.org/0000-0001-9379-3879